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We partner with customers to uncover business insights that are hidden in data you use everyday. Through a customized, collaborative process, our solutions serve to speed up better decision making.

Data & Analytics Strategy

Organizations across all industries are investing heavily on Digital technologies to tap into unprecedent opportunities. Only fraction of projects truly deliver on expected value of those opportunities – some studies have shown success rate as ow as 20%. While there are many factors that plays into realizing value, it all starts with defining the right strategy. At Acies Decisions, we assist clients in designing, defining, and prioritizing value driven Digital strategies and roadmaps, The strategic and roadmaps are supported by well defined process of evaluating potential benefits your Digital investment would generate.

Insights Generation

Insight dynamic continue to intensified and the most powerful of those insights comes from data intervening in the company operations. At Acies Decisions we provide end to end insight generation services; identify the most powerful analytics use cases supported by business case, define data procuring map - internal and external, develop advanced algorithms/codes to support insight generation and last but least easy on eyes visualization to increase user adoption.

Data Management

Before the data collated, crunched and turned into predictions of what client might want to do next. Data needs to be identified, designed, stored in such a manner that it’s accessible, secure and scalable. We help clients in complete lifecycle of data to manage their decision support systems. Whether it is an evaluation of various technology stack, Data governance to meet internal and external compliance requirements or simply designing data models for the specific use cases. Our Data Management expert can assist clients achieving those targets.

Digital Marketing

It’s easy to cast a wide net hoping for the best when it comes to finding engaged customers. It’s also easy to exhaust your digital marketing budget and not know the return.  We help our client’s turn decisions into business results by enabling precise targeting, dynamic messaging, and performance attribution.

Intelligent Process Automation

We help our clients with lean processes automation by removing the number of steps required to get the right information to the right people at the right time. We focus on breaking down data and knowledge silos by having a customer first perspective. This reduces operational costs and elevates the customer experience.

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